Molly says: 'It's not just a walk in the park'.

Sparks, NV

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Our business began because of our love for our own animals. We have a happy pet filled home with a few dogs, a cat, a few chickens and a goldfish. We have struggled on occasion when planning a trip, to find responsible people to watch or take care of our pets when we were gone and this gave this the idea that many other people struggle with the same issues.
We both have other jobs, one of us is a Special Ed teacher and the other is a fitness coach for a local corporation, as well as a animal trainer and enrichment specialist. Along with 10 years experience as an animal behaviorist. We have an enormous love for animals and do understand that other pet owners may also have special needs and even emergencies when they need to leave town or just need extra help caring for their own pets. Whether you need a vacation, your dog walked/jogged, waste pick-up and we even do small landscaping jobs, we can be there for you. Please understand that our business is based on the fact that you will finally have a sense of security while you are out of town or even at work. We will give you what you request and it will be a positive experience for you and for your pets (4 legged children).

Molly says: 'It's not just a walk in the park'. is a pet sitter, dog walker, pooper scooper, and pet taxi in Sparks, Nevada.

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