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Greenfield, NH

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Over twenty years of professional veterinary care and service�
This gives you added assurance that your pet will be cared for by someone that is skilled in observing and diagnosing animal behavior, symptoms, and overall well-being*.
We offer daily dog walking�
Ideal for animals needing extra care, such as puppies with frequent walking needs, or pets needing
frequent medications. Reduce or in some cases eliminate what is known as �separation anxiety�.

Extended petsitting in your home�
even overnights, and most importantly, it is where your pet is most comfortable.
We�ll be there for your pets when you can�t be.
This can be a less expensive option than multiple walks per day, and provide more attention to your pets needs.

. . . long work days. . . holidays . . . weekends away . . . vacations

SAVE on costly vaccines required for your pet by boarding facilities

Arrangement for mail pick up, trash removal, watering plants, etc. is available�
From simple care such as feeding, watering and exercising your pets, daily litter box maintenance and �accident� clean-up,
we can also recognize signs of illness, administer medications or other special care, and will use the animal hospital of your choice
for unforeseen circumstances. Let me care for your pets, including those with special needs!
Wendy has been trained to give insulin injections, administer sub-Q fluids, oral meds, etc..
Serving the Monadnock Area

Wendy Sims is the owner of All God�s Creatures Pet Sitting Service. Her passion for animals extends back to her early childhood years. She remembers always having pets in her home growing up, and has had the wonderful opportunity to have a successful career working with them in many ways. She believes that animals are a gift from God, and caring for them is as important to Wendy as it is to God and you!

In 1991, she began her career as a Veterinary Technician after earning her diploma in Animal Science. She has also had a successful pet sitting service in Massachusetts where she resided for 13 years. While employed at an animal hospital, she noticed several animals that did not do well in a boarding environment, leading to stress, and health issues including poor appetite, diarrhea, and depression. She began (with consent of the hospital owner) to reach out to the owners of these pets, and offered to pet sit for them while they were away on business or vacation. The overwhelming response from pet owners enabled her to successfully build a pet sitting service which expanded greatly.

All God's Creatures Pet Sitting Service, LLC is a pet sitter, dog walker, and pet taxi in Greenfield, New Hampshire.

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