Bark 'N Good Time

Florissant, MO

(314) 831-9999

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I have always had a passion for animals. We always had at least one dog and they ranged in breeds from the St. Bernard to Yorkshire Terriers. I've also had a cat, hamsters, and several birds that I adored. I have had more than 20 years of experience with pets. Over 200 foster dogs through my house and many different breeds and personalities on my grooming table has afforded me invaluable experience with various medical needs, behaviors and personalities. I received First Aid training at LaBest and have also received my Red Cross Certificate in Pet First Aid. We are in our third year of business and are going strong. We love all our clients both human, furry, and other! If you want to make sure that your pet(s) will get the best possible care please call us. Your mind will quickly be put at ease when you receive the wonderful updates and photos of your pet(s) on their walks, adventures, or just hanging out during their staycation. You will come home to a happy home and smiling pets!

Bark 'N Good Time is a pet sitter, dog walker, pooper scooper, and pet transporter in Florissant, Missouri.

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