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Des Plaines, IL

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About this Pet Care Provider

I have over 20 years of experience as a dog walker &
Pet sitter.

It all started because of my mother. She was a homemaker when I was young. When my brother and I became independent, she wanted to find a job, but a job she would love, and would have experience in.

We always had dogs in our house, and 2 cats, ever since I was born. Our family rescued all of our
fur-babies from high kill shelters. So she decided, the perfect job for her, was to be a dog walker and pet sitter. After only a year of dog walking, she needed to have a double knee replacement. That is where I come into the story!

I was unemployed at the time, so she asked me if I would take care of her clients. Of course I was very happy to do so! My mom had some complications with her recovery. In the end, I loved taking care of fur-babies so much, that I continued dog walking and pet sitting for all these years.

I finally decided to put a name to what I love doing full time....
Anne Marie�s Dog Walk & Petsitting Services.
It was officially established in October, 2015.

I am very excited to grow my business, and share my passion with others.

Our motto.....
Your pets are not "just pets",.....
they are family members!!!

We are very diligent when we care for your pet/s. Your dog will always be on a leash when going for a walk.
We always double check gates, to be sure they are secure, before letting them out into a fenced-in backyard.
We steer away from other animals we do not know on our walks. (We don�t know if they are friendly!) We do not go to dog parks. I feel it is not a controlled environment when your dog/s is in our care. Your dog�s safety is top priority to us.

Things we do for our clients.....

- walks/play outside
- feed & provide fresh water daily
- waste cleanup
- mail retrieval
- medication dispense *When requested*
- follow your routine/direction with your pet/s
.......And of course,....PROVIDE LOTS OF LOVE!!!

Your fur-babies will always be respected, pet, praised, cuddled, and loved by us. That is our favorite part of what we do! I consider us a surrogate family member to your pet/s. We will love them like our own,....

Anne Marie's Dog Walk & Petsitting Services is a pet sitter and dog walker in Des Plaines, Illinois.

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