Insurance for Dog Walkers

Starting a Dog Walking Business

Choosing to take up dog walking is the perfect business for you – you want to work independently and you've always been fond of dogs, all breeds, all sizes. But before you make your first dog walking appointment, be sure you have pet business insurance.

Dog Walking Business Insurance

Pets are stolen, lost, injured, and even killed every day. A pet business insurance policy with general liability and defense costs coverage will protect you and keep you in business. Basic membership includes commercial general liability coverage and defense costs in addition to policy limits. You can also purchase add-on coverage for employees, pet grooming, pet daycare, house sitting, dog obedience training,and more.

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Benefits of Becoming a Pet Sitter Associates Member

Being a member of Pet Sitters Associates not only gets you great pet business insurance rates and coverage, you also get the opportunity to:

  • Get listed in one of the largest pet care directories in the United States! For only $10/year, you can be found in our search and have a profile page where customers can learn about your services and find a link to your website (which helps your website's search engine rankings too). Once you sign-up, you'll be able to manage all your information online. You'll instantly be able to login to our members' section to upload photos and add information about your pet care services. Sign-up now.
  • Gain access to a library of resources to help grow your business. Find documents to help communicate with your clients (including a customer checklist), an archive of past newsletter articles, and a listing of services from businesses we recommend who cater to pet care professionals.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest information for pet care professionals. Our newsletters give you the latest tips, articles, and resources to improve your pet care business and offer better service to your customers (both with and without tails).
  • Manage your insurance online. Update your information, adjust your insurance coverage, update your provider profile, and print your insurance certificate. Plus, you'll receive automatic email reminders when it's time to renew your policy to ensure your insurance coverage doesn't lapse.

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Membership is key.
By incorporating your insurance with your membership we are able to eliminate the minimum premium per member; this is what usually makes insurance unaffordable for individuals.

Your membership includes excellent coverage through a master policy that is managed by RPS Eau Claire, a national broker-agent that specializes in association and group insurance.

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pet-related business.

Become a member of Pet Sitters Associates today and receive great rates on pet business insurance:

General Liability Insurance for only $190 a year

Broad Form Insurance and Bonding for only $290 a year

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pet business insurance.

Gain protection with general liability insurance. For example:

You're walking a client's dog and the dog bites someone.      

A client slips and falls while visiting your office and is injured.      

You lose your client's key and need to have their residence rekeyed.

A pet is injured, lost, or stolen while under your care.