Does the insurance policy provide coverage for the caring of horses or farm animals?

Pet Sitters Associate's pet business insurance policy is intended for the caring of domestic animals, such as dogs and cats, but the policy does also provide coverage for the caring of horses and other farm animals that are considered pets. These animals must not be raised for consumption or a by-product of the animal. However, please note that the PSA policy only provides up to $15,000 of coverage per occurrence (or $30,000 annually) for injuries to or loss of an animal in your care. This is more than enough for the average dog or cat, but there are horses valued at more than this amount.

If you are caring for a $20,000 breeding horse and it dies in your care, your Pet Sitters Associates policy would only potentially cover up to $15,000 and you could be responsible for the remaining $5,000 out-of-pocket. Also, the insurance policy would not provide any coverage for loss of income to the animal owner should the animal be lost or killed in your care.

If your business is largely involved in horse or farm animal care, you may want to contact an independent insurance agent to find a policy more specifically designed for your business.