What isn't covered in my pet business insurance policy?

Certain standard exclusions apply to all commercial liability policies. These include items such as expected or intended injury, certain types of contractual liabilities, liquor liability, worker's compensation, employer's liability, pollution, aircraft, auto and owned watercraft, mobile equipment, damage to property you own or lease, war, sexual abuse, and molestation.

Other circumstances not covered include:

  • Injuries to you, your employees, or independent contractors. This is covered by workers compensation insurance not general liability insurance.
  • Injuries to your pets or the pets of your employees or independent contractors.
  • Damage to your personal property. General liability policies do not include this coverage.
  • Injuries or property damage caused by your pets or your employees' or independent contractors' pets.
  • Automobile liability coverage, including coverage for injuries to people in a car accident and/or damages caused to or by your personal vehicle

The bodily injury and property damage portions of this policy are for third party injuries and damages only.