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Bristol, RI

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Hi! My name is Kali and I would love to take care of your fur-baby while you are away! I am a certified vet tech and I have 10+ years of professional pet sitting experience. I own Kali's Cottage Pet Boarding, which is fully licensed and insured.

I love dogs and cats of all ages, but elderly and special needs pets are near and dear to my heart. Have an arthritic pet? He'll be comfortable here without stairs to climb and his own comfy bed. Have a diabetic pet? One of my dogs has a form of diabetes that requires injections twice a day, so your pet will fit right in! Have an incontinent pet that wears diapers? One of my cats is in diapers, so that's just a normal day at our house. I am comfortable administering oral and injectable medication. For diabetic animals, I can also check blood sugar levels.

Have a younger pet? They'll fit right in at Kali's Cottage too! For our canine friends, the fenced-in yard is perfect for burning off energy and playing games. I can also work on basic training with your pup, including teaching skills such as sit, stay, and lay down. Our feline friends will have access to the whole house, which includes multiple beds and couches to sleep on, sunny seats to look out the window, and cat trees to climb and scratch.

Have a rabbit, guinea pig, or other small mammal? With two rabbits in our house, we have plenty of fresh veggies, crisp hay, and comfy bedding to go around!

Kali's Cottage Pet Boarding is a pet sitter, pet boarder, and dog walker in Bristol, Rhode Island.

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