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Greetings and salutations! After a (not quite midlife) crisis, I am back in school studying to be a Wildlife Biologist. I'm taking all online classes so I have time to take care of your babies. Starting in January I will have room for full-time care.

I've pet sat all kinds of critters, from Rottweilers to fish. One house had two Rottweilers, a German Shepherd, a Blue Heeler, and a cat. We all slept on the bed together, it was great. I've looked after rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, fresh and saltwater fish. I don't have reptile/amphibian experience, but I am a fast learner and would love to learn more about these guys.

I love little creatures like rats/mice/hamsters, etc. Pretty much anything you have, I will take care of like they are my own. Cats are my jam, as I have been a lifelong cat owner. I spoil my little Henry Jones Jr. I do love all animals, although I'm working on loving spiders. It's been hard.

At Your Service is a pet sitter, dog walker, and pooper scooper in Portland, Oregon.

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