Fido n Felix, LLC

New York, NY

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I provide dog walking, cat care, house-sitting and healing for your loved furries of the UWS.

I've always loved animals: Once, when asked what makes me happy, my immediate answer was, “My cats!”. Around 6 years ago I realized being happy and adulting didn't have to be mutually exclusive, and I created this company to combine my passions for animals, nature and healing.

Do I love it? Absolutely! Do I question my sanity every winter? Most definitely.

All-in-all the experiences have been amazing: I enjoy countless antics, and my clients receive dependable, personable care. I've developed unique relationships with each dog and cat, and continue to learn from them. I know punksters, love-mushes, FOMO thinkers, captains-of-domains, lazy-day dreamers, and combos of et all. Understanding them helps me intuit how they want to spend our time together, and my clients often tell me their animals are happy and relaxed when they get home — either from work or extended travels. That's what counts: safe and content fluffy companions.

If you're interested in possibly working together, please reach out! I look forward to hearing from you.

Fido n Felix, LLC is a pet sitter and dog walker in New York, New York.

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