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Frisco, TX

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Sweethearts Cat Sitting by Michelle Bollinger cares for cats, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, hedgehogs and more in the 75035 zip code section of Frisco, Texas. Michelle drives her car to your home; she comes to you. Because Michelle prefers to care for her clients pets herself, your catsĀ and small pets will be in loving hands. Her mantra is "today is a good day to be kind".

Michelle offers a personal and private pet care service, while being as organized and high tech as companies with many staff members. Choosing Michelle to care for your pets is similar to asking your sister or mom to care for your pets. However, the difference is you have the added comfort of knowing the job will be done professionally.

In the 11 plus years that Michelle has been a pet sitter, she's learned a thing or two. She's learned the value of your trust. Your trust is the driving force behind her single-minded determination to keep everyone of her clients as happy as possible.

Michelle has learned to care for your pets with her ears open, always listening to your ideas and suggestions. And she's discovered that you are her number one reason for her success!

She cares for all pets, and her specialty of the house is caring for cats. Your feline friends will find a friend in her. Michelle has a kind touch and wants only the best love and care for your special fur, feathered, and scaly friends.

She offers all the typical services you would expect from a professional. First of all, she offers daily visits to your home. Also included is all pet care such as sparkling clean water, fresh food, and litter box maintenance. In addition, she brings in your Amazon packages, mail and door flyers. Watering your potted plants too!

Your cats and small pets will receive lots of love, kindness, and attention. This is the best part of her job and you will love how much TLC Michelle gives! Your pets will get lots of playtime too. Your pets get to decide how much emotional support they would like.

Fresh water is important to their health. Michelle likes to keep the standard of living your pets are accustomed to and water is changed out frequently. Since Michelle comes to your home, you will not have to worry about upset tummies since your pets get to eat their own food.

A freshly scooped litter box assures your babies that everything is going to be okay, Mom will be home soon!

Michelle offers secure online scheduling so you will know she has the correct schedule. She also sends you a virtual report card after each visit so you will know when your pets were cared for, along with any notes. So many cute photos too!

While Sweethearts Cat Sitting is a small service company, it's run like they have dozens of employees. Because one never be too careful, your data and travel schedule is protected. The secure software used is called Leashtime. Most of all, the Leashtime secure software was created just for the pet sitting industry. Once you are a current client, you may log in using the client portal found here.

Your pertinent home, pet, and travel info is kept within the safe virtual walls of this software. This allows only Michelle and her husband Rick to access your info. Peace of mind is what you crave, as Michelle aims to please!

Michelle carries a liability insurance policy from Pet Sitter Associates. She is not bonded since she is the owner/operator, and does not have staff members.

Michelle comes to your home to care for your cats when you travel. First of all, once a day visits keep your cats happy and well-cared for. She does all the things you do, just in about a half-hours time. Fresh water and food. Limited medications. Litter box scooping. Love and playtime.

Cats have a hold of Michelle's heart. She loves how they make her work for their attention! Michelle is your primary cat sitter, and her husband Rick is her backup.

Little Sweethearts Pet Sitting is a pet sitter in Frisco, Texas.

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