Berkshire Barks Pet Sitting

Williamstown, MA

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Berkshire Barks Pet Sitting
Northern Berkshire County in Western Massachusetts

Berkshire Barks Pet Sitting gives your pets great care in their own familiar home and routine.

You've made a comfy home for your pets, so of course they'd rather snuggle into their own beds than get boarded when you're away.

Dogs want attention and playtime.

Cats want what cats want. In their own castle. With their own staff.

As your cat's Pack Leader, you already know many of the reasons why most cats do not appreciate being boarded. Like you, they want their own space and their own hidey holes. And sunbeams, please.

Based on the needs of you and your pets, Berkshire Barks Pet Sitting loves to spoil them in your home just like you do.

--> Scheduled walks or "outs"
--> Scheduled feedings and meds
--> Poop management
--> Playtime and cuddles
--> Overnight sleepovers

We send you periodic updates on your pets and home, even photos. You have the security of knowing all is well while you are away, whether for a day, a weekend, a month, or even longer.

When might you call on us?

--> Weekend getaways, vacation travel and business trips
--> Deployments and out-of-town contract assignments
--> Hospitalizations and recoveries
--> Late meetings or overtime
--> Date nights and spur-of-the-moment evenings out
--> When your pet needs midday attention

I'd love to meet you and your menagerie!

In addition to the all-important furry introductions, we'll talk about your pet family, your pets' specific individual needs and preferences, confirm your rate, and add other vital info on your Client Checklist.

Please call 413-663-0594 to set up a brief "meet & greet" with you and your pets. There is never a charge for this initial consultation.


Professionally Insured | Member, Pet Sitters Associates
Dog & Cat First Aid and CPR Certified by American Red Cross
Petsitting, Walking, or Overnights | Long or Short Term Care

Berkshire Barks Pet Sitting is a pet sitter and dog walker in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

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