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Danielson, CT

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Happy Hounds is about healthy and happy dogs. Just as we humans need exercise, our four legged companions need exercise as well. Each dog has a different energy level. When that energy is not released, our furry friends develop a vast array of ways to release it themselves (i.e. shred your favorite pair of shoes, use your kitchen chairs as chew toys, or dig holes in your couch cushions.) Dogs may also focus that excess energy to their own destruction, most commonly chewing their own paws, legs, or tails raw. Exercise can help to eliminate all of these unwanted behaviors, and Happy Hounds can provide the exercise your dog needs.

Other Services provided: Vacation Care & Companionship (pet sitting), mid-day feedings, and bathroom breaks.

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Happy Hounds is a pet sitter and dog walker in Danielson, Connecticut.

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