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Please note: My profile indicated I was also a pet sitter, I apologize for this error. I do not take pets into my home. It also listed I was a waste clean up provider. While I do clean up after clients dogs in some instances, I do not offer just poop scooping as a stand alone service.

I am an independent dog walker. Walks are 30 minutes. I also provide let outs which are 15 minutes. We play, walk and in general have a really good time! I modify the time to fit the day; when it's very cold/hot I'll take two short walks, play in the yard for a few minutes, then have spa time where I brush the dog's coat.
Dogs really love getting out to walk even if it's light misty rain or snowing. One client requested the time be spent in the back yard only. We've spent 3 years having a wild time in the large yard and the basement when the weather wasn't good. Recently with the owners permission, I've started walking them on the sidewalk so they gain that skill.
I provide additional services as needed and agreed to; clean up of dog waste, feeding, changing of bedding in kennel and extra visits when the client has an unusual day. I always check the water bowl as part of my job. For of one client I purchase the waste bags and add these to their invoice.
My approach is we are a team when your dogs are in my care and I treat them as if they were my own. I don't leave your dog with/in a mess (something it chewed up or a potty accident) as I wouldn't leave my dog that way. I also work on the basics, sit, down, stand and leash manners. It's important to mix it up so all of us feel like our time spent together was a highlight of the day.
No matter what my day has consisted of the dogs entrusted to my care always bring me joy.

Due to receiving more requests than I could take I interviewed many people and now have Emily working under Barking Good Dog Walking's name and policy. We charge the same fee and follow the same guidelines. This allows us to provide walking if one of us has an appointment or is on vacation.

Barking Good is a dog walker in Huntington Woods, Michigan.

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