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 Portland, OR

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My name is Bob and I love dogs and hiking. I grew up with dogs. We had a dozen Basset Hounds, a half dozen Dandie Dinmont Terriers, a Bloodhound, a Dachshund, and a Kerry Blue Terriers when I was growing up. I didn't have brothers and sisters. I had a huge family of dogs though. They were my constant playmates. I love having dogs around. They're such optimists.

I started watching my neighbors tri-legged Siberian Husky, Luna. Luna has some special needs. She needs to get out and get a lot of exercise. She supposed to run 40 miles a day. She can't do that with three legs. She can run a mile or two though and try ti get her our and about.

I enjoy hiking too. I've climbed several mountains including Mt St Helens, South Sister, Mt Defiance, and of course Dog Mountain. I relish the smell of the trees and flowers. Dogs crave it too! When ever I'm out hiking I see dogs all the time. Dogs are great climbers and they want to smell the flowers, bushes, and trees too. They might even find a squirrel to chase if they're lucky!

I take dogs out to the park to smell the flowers and enjoy the outdoors and get them the exercise they need in an environment they were born to be in.

Call or email me to chat about your dogs needs.
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