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Pet business insurance is administered by RPS Eau Claire and underwritten by an AM Best rated: A (Excellent) Insurance Company.


Pet Business Insurance: Basic membership only $190 per year

Basic membership includes commercial general liability coverage and defense costs in addition to policy limits.

  • $1,000,000 per occurrence, up to $2,000,000 annually for bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, advertising injury, products, and completed operations. Learn more.

    Occurrence: An occurrence is a single claim or loss. The limit we provide is the most we will pay for a single loss. Liability is at $1,000,000 for bodily injury or property damage. Loss to pets is $15,000. Loss to personal property other than pets is $10,000 (if purchased).

    Aggregate: An aggregate is the most we will pay for all losses that occur during the policy period. The policy period is one year from the date the pet sitter joins the association. Liability is at $2,000,000 for bodily injury or property damage. Loss to pets is $30,000. Loss to personal property other than pets is $25,000 (if purchased).

    Bodily Injury: Bodily injury, sickness or disease sustained by a person, including death resulting from any of these at any time. Bodily injury liability is designed to pay for injury you cause to someone else. Example, if you were walking someone's dog and that dog bit someone, we would pay for any liability you would be legally liable to pay.

    Property Damage: Physical Injury to tangible property, including all resulting loss of use of that property. All such loss of use shall be deemed to occur at the time of the physical injury that caused it OR loss of use of tangible property that is not physically injured. All such loss of use shall be deemed to occur at the time of the "occurrence" that caused it. Property damage liability is designed to pay for damage to property of others. This coverage contains a special exclusion for property in your care, custody, and control. This is why we have designed the special coverage parts for pets and the option to purchase personal property of others coverage (called Broadened Property Damage Coverage/Bond).

    Personal Injury: Injury, other than bodily injury, resulting from false arrest, false detention, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, wrongful eviction, wrongful entry, or the invasion of privacy of a premises. It also includes injury caused by oral or written material that slanders a person, goods, products, services, or which violates the right of privacy.

    Advertising Injury: Damages or injury sustained by a claimant in the course of the advertising activities of the insured which included such injury as libel, slander, violation of the right to privacy, misappropriation of advertising ideas, or the infringement of copyright.

    Products and Completed Operations: Bodily injury or property damage occurring away from premises you own or rent and arising out of "your product" or "your work." This is coverage for anything that you sell or give to your clients.

  • $100,000 annually for damage to premises rented to you. Learn more.

    Damage to Premises Rented to You: This does not provide any coverage for property you own. However, if you enter into a rental/lease agreement to occupy premises for seven days or more, then we will cover damages to that premise caused by fire only for up to $100,000. Please note that this doesn't provide you with any coverage for your business personal property (leashes, crates, computers, etc.)

  • $15,000 per occurrence, up to $30,000 annually for pets lost, stolen, injured, or killed in your care
  • $1,000 per occurrence, up to $5,000 annually for vet expenses, regardless of negligence, for accidental injuries to pets in your care. Learn more.

    Vet Expense: Liability insurance typically only pays for injuries or damages caused by your negligence or the negligent act of your employees or independent contractors. However, the veterinarian expense coverage provides coverage regardless of negligence on the part of the pet sitter for accidental injuries to pets in their care. If an animal in your care is accidentally injured, you are covered regardless if you are negligent. If the costs exceed these amounts, there would potentially be coverage up to $15,000 per occurrence and $30,000 annually from the loss of a pet in your care portion of the policy, but there would need to be some negligence on your part for this coverage to come into play.

  • $2,000 annually for lost keys and re-keying of customers homes. Learn more.

    Lost Key: The cost of installing new locks at a customer's premises because you lost their key. The lost key coverage does not cover a locksmith getting you into the house or any damage done to the house in an attempt to get inside.

  • $5,000 annually for medical expenses. Learn more.

    Medical Payments: Third party coverage that cover medical payments to persons other than the pet sitter or the pet owners. This does not apply to you or your employees. An example of how this coverage works would be if you were walking someone's dog and the dog bit a passerby, we would pay for that person's medical bills. This could be done without the other party starting a lawsuit or there being any legal liability on the part of the pet sitter. If the medical costs exceed $5,000, there would potentially be up to $1,000,000 of bodily injury coverage within the basic policy occurrence limit, but there would need to legal liability and negligence on the part of the pet sitter in order for that coverage to come into play.

No deductible for claims, EXCEPT $500 per incident if you purposely took an unleashed animal to a dog park or outdoors unless it's in the pet owner's or pet sitter's yard (if the optional pet daycare & boarding coverage is purchased) with an above ground fence that will keep pets inside and people/animals outside.

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Pet Business Insurance: Add-on policy options

  • Add your spouse, partners, employees, and independent contractors for $90 each. Learn more.

    All your children (under 18 years old) and temporary help (whom you pay less than $600 per membership term and work less than 30 days per membership term) are covered at no extra charge. All PSA members, spouses, partners, employees, independent contractors and incidental helpers must be at least 18 years old.

  • Add additional insureds for $15 each. Learn more.

    Additional insureds are usually building owners such as apartment complexes where you work. They can also be city or county parks that you use for your business. These facilities will require that they be added to your insurance policy.

  • Add broadened property damage coverage & bond to cover any damage to personal property of the pet owner for $100. Learn more.

    $10,000 per occurrence, up to $25,000 annually, for the theft, breakage, and mysterious disappearance of the personal property of the pet owner while under the care of you, your employees, your independent contractors, or your incidental helpers. There is no coverage for theft by any employee or independent contractor that you knowingly employ that has been charged or convicted of a theft, or by the owner(s) of the business, as that is considered an intentional act.

  • Add pet daycare & boarding insurance for $155. Learn more.

    Members need to purchase the optional pet daycare & boarding coverage to extend the liability insurance to cover any claims that might arise out of their pet daycare and boarding operations, including any incidents that may occur at their home or pet daycare operation. This coverage is required if you will be taking client animals (even just one at a time) to any private location or facility that you own or rent.

    The requirements are that no more than ten pets are under the care of any pet daycare operation at one time and that no more than five pets stay over on a single night. Also, all pets must be separated at the daycare facility in an emergency situation (kennels, crates, baby gates, etc.), all pets must be current on all vaccinations and all pets must be checked for temperament to confirm they are acceptable with other pets. This coverage only applies to the pet daycare location addresses listed on the member certificate.

    Members can have coverage for pet daycare & boarding operations at their homes as well as coverage for pet daycares at the homes of up to three employees or independent contractors. Coverage must be purchased for each employee or independent contractor for $90 each and coverage for each pet daycare (up to four total per membership, including the primary member) must be purchased for $155 each. Employees or independent contractors with pet daycare operations must be listed by name on the member certificate.

  • Add house sitting insurance for $100. Learn more.

    Members can purchase this optional coverage for house sitting services when pets are not present in the home. House sitting without pets present cannot exceed 45% of the total pet care business revenue.

  • Add pet grooming insurance for $50. Learn more.

    This coverage provides basic liability insurance for individuals who cut hair or nails while pet sitting. If you are only bathing and brushing pets, there is no need for you to purchase this additional coverage. Grooming cannot exceed 45% of the total pet care business revenue.

  • Add dog/cat obedience training insurance for $155. Learn more.

    If you are only offering basic obedience training (sit, stay, come) when provided in direct conjunction with your pet sitting work, you are already covered under your basic membership insurance. This additional coverage is for those who offer training outside of their pet sitting work. This policy does not provide coverage for protection, guard, fighting, attack, or police dog training. If you offer dog training operations at a private facility that you own or rent or in your personal home, you need to purchase both the optional dog training coverage and the optional pet daycare & boarding coverage to extend the insurance to cover training related claims that may occur at that location.

  • Add show dog training & handling for $175. Learn more.

    The additional coverage is available for new and renewal members joining after July 1, 2019 and extends the basic liability insurance to cover the training, boarding, transporting, preparation for (including grooming) and showing of dogs not owned by the PSA member, or any employees/independent contractors, in local, state, regional, or national kennel club shows or exhibitions. Kennel club shows include those for pure breeds, sporting dog, and mixed breed clubs, associations, or organizations.

    Coverage is not available for training/handling of schutzhund, guard dogs, protection dogs, attack dogs, fighting dogs or police dogs. Please note that no more than ten pets are allowed to be under the care of any one show dog trainer/handler at one time and that no more than five pets can be boarded on a single night.

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