Fountain Square Dog Training and Walking Services

Indianapolis, IN

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My name is Amira, I live in Fountain Square and I love my neighborhood as I am from the south side. I have been involved and deeply connected to animals all of my life and I have fostered a countless number of animals including pigs. I am comfortable training any command including but not limited to - sit, down, come, stay, leave it, release, place, walking politely on leash, heel and more! I can help with problem behaviors such as barking, mouthing, chewing, jumping and house training. I am completely comfortable when dealing with fear or aggression.

I decided to start my own business and pursue my passion to develop a format providing the best possible training experience for both dogs and their owners. I am currently Operations Coordinator for Pink Heart Rescue, a rescue devoted to double merle dogs (blind/deaf). I have volunteered for many shelters, sanctuaries and loved the valuable experiences I learned. I graduated as a certified master trainer from Conifer Canine Dog College here in Indiana. I completed Animal Psychology with North Royal Training in Ireland.

I also offer dog walks, drop ins, daycare and boarding .I can mix any of these services with training.

Fountain Square Dog Training and Walking Services is a pet sitter, dog walker, dog trainer, and pet taxi in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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