Neighborhood Paws

Somerville, MA

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Neighborhood Paws provides professional Dog Walking, Dog Playgroups, and Pet Sitting services to dogs in the communities of Somerville and Medford.

Socialization and stimulation are key ingredients in a dog's daily routine. Supervised playgroups, the focus of our business, get dogs out of the house and active--physically and mentally. Our approach offers a good mix of running, training, playing, and lessons in good doggie citizenship. Our goal is to ensure that you come home each day to a dog who is happy, healthy, and well-adjusted.

We keep groups small, so that each dog receives individual attention. As play group supervisors, we pay close attention to canine language and the subtle ways that our dogs express themselves in group settings. We are firm believers in the idea that positive reinforcement is the most effective tool when working with dogs. We reward good behavior as a means of discouraging bad behavior.

The close connections we have to our clients and our community fuel our enthusiasm for the work we do. We are always happy to welcome a new member to the Neighborhood Paws pack!

Neighborhood Paws is a pet boarder and dog trainer in Somerville, Massachusetts.

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