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Northeast Georgia Pet Services

 Winder, GA

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About Us

Why chose Northeast Georgia Pet Services?

-I have worked professionally in the pet care world for over 13 years. I was a care provider, manager, helped open a pet care business, and now I own my own pet sitting business.

-We love cats and dogs, and we have worked with all breeds and ages

-It takes more than liking pets to be a great pet sitter, and we have those skills needed.

-We are licensed, boned, and insured for your peace of mind!

*We have wonderful clients who would rave about us to you if they could as we guarantee satisfaction for both pet parents and pets! :)

You are always welcome to call/text/email us at any time. We would love to chat with you about your fur babies and the care you may need for them.

***Feel free to read below to get a much better feel for who we are and why we are qualified to care for your pets.***

Overall, this is a passion of ours. A natural talent. We want to help take care of your pets when you can't be there. At Northeast Georgia Pet Services, we are licensed, bonded, and insured to allow you the peace of mind you deserve for when you need somebody to care for your babies when you're away. We hope that you can entrust in us to help care for your furry family members. It will be our pleasure! We have experience in caring for puppies, senior pets, and even special needs pets.

The process of establishing a pet care business was actually second nature to Rebecca. Of course I love pets, but it takes more than that to run a pet care business. The reason establishing this business was like second nature to me is because, I, Rebecca, have been in the pet care industry for over 12 years now. My experience is in caring for cats and dogs ( the way..... we will care for most pets if you train us when needed). I've worked in large boarding facilities and did in-home pet sitting for a company and for friends and family. I have ensured the well-being for all, played with them, loved on them, bathed them, medicated them, managed group play, much more and most important, greatly enjoyed doing it! One of the most rewarding experience I have had is the pleasure of helping open up a successful doggy daycare, boarding, and grooming facility in Johns Creek.

4 of the 12 years in pet care, I have worked full-time as a manager for these facilities. I was responsible for the well-being of our entire staff and up to 200 pets. It was a pleasure ensuring mom and/or dad could enjoy their time away by doing our part keeping the pups and kitties healthy, happy, and safe under our care. Here at Northeast Georgia Pet Services, we plan to provide the same service but in your home to help keep your babies' routine the usual.
Although I have had the most experience in the pet care industry, Lance has been by my side for many of these years. He has helped care for pets when friends and family members needed sitters as well. His background in the healthcare field helps indicate his desire to help and his understanding of the importance of being detailed oriented and providing adequate care. He has a great level of patience, and seriously, pets flock to him! It's like it's his calling!
At NGPS, we offer in-home pet sitting for times when you can't be there, mid-day visits for quick check-ups and potty breaks, walks and playtime, pet taxi, special events, and more. We want to provide in-home care so your furry family members can stay in the comfy environment of their favorite place, HOME! This alleviate stress and makes your time away from them more comforting.

The WHY behind starting Northeast Georgia Pet Services......

Three years ago, we welcomed our newest puppy, Bentley (pictured with us above), to our family a year after having to say goodbye to our beloved Chab (Chow and Lab mix) of 16 years, Rascal. Lance and I both worked full-time, so we began our search for a pet sitter for the times we would be gone longer than expected. Puppies simply cannot stay home alone for 9 hours a day. Not to mention, we would need somebody to care for him while we go on vacation, day trips, etc.. The problem was, we searched and searched and there was not anybody around our area to help care of our pet. Sure there were plenty of people who said they offered care, but after narrowing down those that only do this for a hobby and those that weren't license and insured, our selections were limited. The few we did reach out to either did not get back to us, or we weren't in their service area. Some how, we managed to make it through puppy hood without a sitter with the help of lots of friends and family that we had to beg (not really...cute puppy....always gets attention), but you get the point.

The problem was, we wanted somebody who specialized in caring for pets so they could help ensure basic training continued. It??™s impossible to have ten different people not from the pet services field running in and of our home to keep training consistent. Especially when trying to properly potty train. We also wanted somebody knowledgeable about pets (not that our friends and family weren??™t helpful...we love you guys:))....but they didn??™t have that background to truly recognize something that may need to be addressed and/or how quickly. We survived, thankfully, without a pet sitter that time.

Bentley grew up to be one amazing boy. He has fans all over, and we couldn??™t have asked for a better dog. Because of this, we wanted to add another puppy to our family. So the venture began once again to locate a pet sitter. This time we were anticipating more prospective sitters. However, we were actually more disappointed this time around then the last. Narrowing down the sitters this time was much harder than last time since there are many people wanting to pet sit. However, we were still looking for the sitter that could offer adequate care. Not just do this for a hobby. We contacted the ones we were greatly interested in, and most people said they weren??™t able to help and some didn??™t even respond back. So, here we were again with out a pet sitter. That??™s when it hit us. If we were having these same struggles of not finding a qualified pet sitter, those living around us must be having the same struggles. We knew we had to come up with some solution.

So began Northeast Georgia Pet Services. We don??™t want others to experience the same situation we did whether it??™s for a puppy, a 5 year old dog, for when you??™re on vacation, or any other reason you may not be able to be at home. We are looking forward to hearing from you, and meeting you and your fur babies!
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